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best workouts
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best workouts mean greater utilization of your body, and general sports have many benefits for the body to myriad. But sometimes you can’t go to the gym for a workout, so in this article we have 7 exercises you do inside the house.

Exercise (high knees)

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the glutes, legs, and heart. This exercise can be applied by following the following steps:

– Stand with the distance between your feet equal to the width of your hips.
Raising the left knee to chest level, then lowering it and switching to raise the right knee to the same level in order to maintain body integrity.
– Repeat the previous step while moving at a speed parallel to the running speed.

Exercise combining squats and jumping

This exercise targets the muscles of the hip, legs, and thighs, and the following is an illustration of the steps of the exercise:

– Stand with your feet separated by the width of your hips and your knees slightly bent.
– Begin squatting with your knees completely bent.
– Push the body upwards by completely straightening the legs and then jumping upwards.
– Landing after jumping on the feet and then returning to a full squat again

Pressure Exercise

This exercise strengthens the gluteal muscle, lower back muscle, and hamstring, and in what comes an illustration of how this exercise is completed:

– Stretch on the floor so that the abdomen, feet, and arms face it.
– Placing hands on a slightly wider range of shoulders
The two men and their individual hands are completely straightened out, lifting the body away from the ground.
– Balancing the body’s weight on both hands and toes, while keeping the legs apart so that they are hip-width apart.
– Pulling the abdominal blindness towards the back.
– Inhale the air and then descend until the angle between the forearm and the elbow is stable.
– During the initial situation, exhale and repeat the exercise.

Plank Exercise

The greatest impact of this exercise is on the abdominal muscles, and the steps to do this exercise are
– Lie on the floor with the abdomen opposite the ground, hands reaching forward, and a blind person.
anchoring on the bottom of the forearm.
– Fully stretching the legs while making their fulcrum points on the toes.
Lift the trunk fully while activating the fulcrum points, distribute the weight on them, and keep the back and legs straight.
Maintain the previous position for more than 5 seconds while continuing to breathe.
Go down gently while maintaining straightness, then relax.

Grinding Exercise

This exercise is the best and easiest exercise for different stomach muscles, and it strengthens your muscle center as well as all abdominal muscles, including the ABS muscles.

Exercise Method:

Lie down on your back and connect your knee to your body.Leave the other one straight on the floor. Now place your hands under your head and touch your knee with your elbow on the opposite side. To the left, you can move your knee so that it is closer to the distance between your hands; once finished, return to the original position and quickly repeat the exercise.

Side Panel Exercise

This exercise works in a way similar to a normal board exercise but focuses on more inclined muscles, which is of course much harder.

The way to perform the exercise is simple. Just perform the normal plank exercise mode, but instead of relying on your elbows, roll your arm down your shoulder and lift the other arm up.

Try to maintain this position as long as possible.

Lunges Rush Exercise

This exercise improves the lower part of your muscles and body, as well as increases the smoothness of the buttocks joints.

The way to do the exercise is very easy: all you need is to reach 90 ° C by bending the buttocks joints, now take a step forward while keeping your upper body straight, then return to the original position and repeat this exercise more than once quickly.

Pre-workout tips at home for beginners

Always make sure to warm up before starting exercises, especially if you’re not used to working out and moving continuously, you can move your joints in whatever way you like, even running for a minute, for example, or maybe try running around. All these exercises help warm up greatly and well.

workouts inside the house

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