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Welcome to fitness life, the best motivational network. Every day we select the best content to teach you more about the fitness world. We have from the best exercises to the best diet that besides being useful, are healthy. Encourage yourself to start in this world of dedication so that you become a healthy person both internally and externally. Today we want to talk to you about the beautiful Maribel Guardia and Her Physique at 63. Not only is she one of the sexiest women in the national entertainment industry but she has reached new generations since then, like icons like Chabello or Silvia Pinal, we talk about her as a source of eternal youth, The actress is almost 63 years old and seems much younger.

Maribel Guardia and Her Physique at 63.

Maribel del Rocio Fernández García, better known as Maribel Guardia, is a Costa Rican actress, singer, and television presenter born on May 29, 1959, in San José, Costa Rica.

He often talks about his lifestyle, the outfits he wears every day, and, above all, his impressive figure and appearance have not changed over the years. At 63 years old, the famous continues to maintain her figure and enjoy every moment of her life with joy and grace, but this time showed more physical that makes many jealous. And it is no secret that when we talk about the benefits of daily exercise, Maribel Guardia is the best example since she shared the secret to staying young forever with her more than 23 million followers.

“I was told that in the thirties I was older and now I see that I am over sixty and here I am, joking, but mostly flirtatious, because I am, but age never mattered,” he said.

Guardia says she is a vain person and this has led her to take care of her diet, despite her touch-ups is a fan of fitness and has shown since an early age that she has great genetics. Spectacular, Maribel entered a career as a model and was participating in Miss Costa Rica in 1978 when she was only 19 years old.

Contrary to what many people think, the secret is not to spend all day in the gym doing different exercises. The secret that will make you look like Maribel Guardia is in good training, which is called the Seven.

Seven minutes to infinite youth.

As you read, Maribel Guardia’s secret to being in good shape once you turn 60 is to incorporate seven minutes of intense workout into your routine, such as aerobics and muscle strengthening. It sounds easy, but the seven-minute exercise routine requires a lot of effort because it only aims to put maximum effort into the body, in the shortest possible time, which directly benefits blood circulation.

According to Maribel Guardia herself, a seven-minute workout is the easiest option to keep the 10 because you don’t need much, not even gym equipment, and it only takes seven minutes a day, so there’s no reason to.

You can’t forget your abs.

We know it’s not the most common exercise, but abs are another secret that Maribel Guardia has revealed to her followers as part of the secret of her eternal youth.

Maribel says there are days when she performs up to 400 squats, which helps preserve the body, and even professionals feel jealous. As with any diet, Maribel Guardia recommends eating lots of rice and beans along with a balanced diet.

Not everything has been rosy in her life.

Also, Maribel’s life has not been rosy, because, in addition to losing her mother at an early age, the actress also has to deal with terrible diseases, such as Covid-19, dementia, and blood metabolism.

“My dysautonomia, I was born with this disease. In my case, I realized that every time I exercise or as if I was drinking water, first I feel happy as if I was high and then I fall to the ground, passing out, when I do aerobics at that time all went to the left and I was going to the right» he said.

But despite this, Guardia continues his life energetically, always smiling.

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