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Diet is no longer only a way of losing weight, but a way of life for everyone looking for a healthy life Far from habitual conditions caused by wrong salutary habits. But not all diets are healthy.

thus, when choosing a particular diet, it must be integrated with nutrients so that our health isn’t negatively affected. Diets vary and vary according to the fashion on which they depend. Below, we present the most notorious diets of our time.

Diet Atkins

Atkins’ diet was created in 1972, by Robert Atkins so named after him,
It is one of the kind of ketogenic diet, and takes fat as the primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates
the body rather of carbohydrates. Following this diet reduces the consumption of beans in the first phase of the system to the smallest position; Not further than 10 of total food consumption.

In this case, the blood sugar position falls to the smallest normal position of the body, and insulin stashing is reduced; Hence, the body burns fat as an indispensable source of energy from beans. In the coming phase of the diet, the body regularly loses the fat accumulated in it; also some complex beans like those with legumes, can be introduced. The final stage will be weight stabilization. Other stiff types can be consumed, but in calculated amounts suitable for weight.

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet – other than numerous diets depends on adding the chance of fat in refections and reducing the proportion of beans. The diet was originally used to treat epilepsy cases. still, numerous people are presently following them to lose weight and enjoy a healthy life.
The body burns redundant fat when eating foods rich in healthy fats, similar as those set up in nuts, avocado, olive oil painting, and coconut;
All are examples of foods that can be eaten when following the keto regime.

In addition to the part of the ketogenic diet in weight loss in the short term, studies have shown that in the long term of its follow- up, there are a drop in blood sugar and the rate of low- viscosity lipoproteins cholesterol, while the rate of high- viscosity lipoproteins cholesterol increases; No side goods were recorded on the persons who followed them rightly; So this diet is safe when followed for long ages.

Zone Diet

Zoon diet is a balanced diet, which aims to lose weight by consuming advised quantities of food in constant proportions. It’s the world’s most extensively used system. because it has no banned quality of food, it must consume 40 of beans, 30 of the fat, and 30 also of proteins; The total calories per mess shall be at least,200 calories, and not further than,500 calories per day.

In this diet, the total calorie input per day is lower than the calories burned by one’s body – the normal adult burning rate is about,400 calories per day; It can be increased or lower grounded on numerous factors similar as age, type, and health status – in which case the body tends to consume its fat stock.

Vegetarian Diet

A factory diet is defined as elision, but this description isn’t precise. Some insectivores eat dairy and its derivations, some do not, eggs and gelatin, others do not, This is due to the actuality of several types of factory- grounded diets, most specially

– Pure Vegan Diet A person is fully dependent on vegetables, fruits, and everything that’s grown, fully distancing from all beast products and derivations of manufactured meat, eggs,
as well as moving away from marine organisms

Vegan lacto diet Those who follow this diet as well as vegetables and fruit – eat milk with all its derivations, but aren’t allowed to eat eggs and fish.

– Lacto Ofu diet Exceeds the factory- grounded lacto diet by allowing eggs to be eaten.

– Bisco diet fish are allowed to be eaten.

Studies have shown that BMI increases as beast choices in affordable food increase, advanced for meat- eaters of all kinds, medium for fish- eaters and low for insectivores. A large number of people in different countries follow this diet for several reasons; The most important is the forestallment of certain rotundity- related conditions similar as type 2 diabetes.

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Eventually, If you have a plan to prepare a healthy and strong body, with the sport you’ll exercise, you must follow a proper diet, but you mustn’t choose the diet yourself without resorting to a specialist croaker
; Each system has controls and rules, side symptoms and pitfalls as well.

In order to avoid those pitfalls, the croaker
must determine the right diet for you, the different amounts of food suitable for your weight, and the quantum of fat in your body; in addition to the obligation t o exercise periodically This will give you better results, both for weight loss and for a healthier life.

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